Ezine Travel Guide Website Project

Secret Treasure: Ezine Travel Guide
December 11, 2019

Ezine Travel Guide Website Project

W e prepared this project for Ezine District Governorate and Ezine Municipality.

The aim was to create a website that describes Ezine as historical, cultural and touristic. We've done about 12 months of historical research for this job. We visited all historical, touristic and cultural places in Ezine and took photos. We prepared a text for the website from our historical research. With Adobe's professional photo applications, we've optimized the photos we've selected from the thousands of photos we've taken. On the other hand, our software team started coding the website. After preparing the Turkish version of the site, we prepared English, Spanish and Korean versions. Texts about the important historical places in Ezine were performed by professional voice-over actors in Turkish, English, Spanish and Korean. They all really did a great job. I appreciate them all. Finally, our software experts placed these audio files on the site and the site was published.

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