The Dardanelles Campaign In World Media

Çanakkale Şahitleri
octubre 2, 2019

The Dardanelles Campaign In World Media

H ow did the war at the Çanakkale Front, one of the most important fronts of Turkish history, echo in a world where there was no television, radio and internet? Of course, not only was it on land, in the air and at sea, but there were deep conflicts in the lines of the printed press and the lines of the visual press.

There are thousands of published said the world press about the Çanakkale Wars cartoons, propaganda posters, illustrations and postcards types to describe Turkey's concern that eight percent of the more are brought together as a result of 10 years of work!

What do you say about the war of the Alliance and Entente states on the media front over the visual wealth published in the newspapers, which is the favorite media element of the period? Weapons in this war; There will be photos, cartoons, illustrations, propaganda posters and postcards that are more effective than bullets when used with a sharp pencil and a sword!

Halil Ersin Avcı gave this valuable work; in chronological order and Turkish-English explanations, it will bring a completely different aspect of the Gallipoli War to your home; Canakkale Wars in World Media 100 Years Ago.

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